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ICSI Loaders Course A

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As part of its programme for continued professional development, the ICSI has designed a one day course on the role of the loader during driven game shooting.
The course contains classroom modules on the many facets of the loader’s roles and responsibilities, covering both single gun and double gun loading.

The techniques and practices of all aspects of loading are reviewed, including etiquette in the game shooting arena.

Practical loading is undertaken, commencing with ‘dry-firing’ practice and progressing to live firing with single gun ‘stuffing’ and double gunning, using clays for simulated high pheasant shooting, together with grouse and lowland partridge targets.

The challenges of instructing whilst acting as a loader are addressed.

 A comprehensive manual accompanies the course.

The cost is £150 for ICSI members and £200 for non-members.

The minimum entry qualification for the course is Level 1 CPSA Instructor,  BASC Shotgun Coach.

However, CPSA or BASC Safety Officers may also take the course – but a certificate of attendance only is provided – for loading  but not coaching in the field.


The course dates:         Wednesday  5th  June 2019

To register your interest and to book, please contact –

    andrew.kirkland2@btinternet.com   01283 540928

This is what people say about this course:

“Enjoyable & professional course, very informative”
“Excellent course, very well presented”
“Very Comprehensive manual”        “Good value course”
“Far better than other courses”     “Highly rcommended”
“Excellent balance of classroom & range activities”
“Can not fault the course”         “Very well run course”      
“Excellent, a great day & very informative”
“Thanks, time & money well spent”



Previous Courses


ICSI   GAME LOADERS COURSE  –   1st June 2018


Attendees for the June 2018 ICSI Loaders Course.



ICSI   GAME LOADERS COURSE  –   11th July 2017

Double gunning practice run

Dry run practice at Doveridge clubhouse

ICSI Loaders Cours practical session

The pressure of simulated high pheasants



ICSI   GAME LOADERS COURSE  –   26th July 2016

Another Game Loaders Course was held on the 26th July 2016, which was again hosted at Doveridge Shooting Ground.

Attendees, ICSI Game Loaders Course 26th July 2016

Seven candidates attended this course and the positive feedback received from the candidates reflected the overall quality of the course –



July 2016

The ICSI launched its Game Loaders Course 12th July 2016, which was held at Doveridge Shooting Ground.

ICSI Game Loaders Course, Derby

Attendees for the ICSI Game Loaders Course

Twelve candidates attended the course, which was very well received and both the theory and practical elements of the course provided comprehensive instruction for game shooting loaders.


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