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Baseball Caps   £12.                                          
Navy, Green, Pebble or Black                  Baseball Cap, shown in pebble, also available in navy, green (Large)

Single Motif Ties  £12.

Blue, Green or Brown                               Tie, shown in blue, also available in green, and brown (Large)

Small Enamel Badge

( Pin Fixing )                                             Small Enamel Badge (Large)

Woven Cloth Badge  £5. 
(9.5cms sq.)                                              Woven Cloth Badge (9.5cm square) (Large)

Woven Cloth Badge  £4. 

(small shield)                                              Woven Cloth Badge (Small Shield) (Large)

Woven Cloth Badge  £4. 

(7cms diameter)                                        Woven Cloth Badge (7cm diameter) (Large)

Metal Bullion Badge  £15. 

(9.5cms sq.)                                               Metal Bullion Badge (9.5cm square) (Large)

Plastic Lapel Badge   £7. 

Badge has ICSI initials and Logo, die printed in black on a cream base.
With name engraved underneath through to the brown base colour.


To order items Contact us on  07788 766506.

Prices are Plus postage & packing,
cheques should be made payable to ICSI.


ICSI Poster    (for picture CLICK HERE)

Our new ICSI Poster allows all of our members the opportunity to display our logo.
The poster advises shooters about the Institute and its members, and is ideal for display in your club house/shooting school.
The Poster incorporates our official blue logo, which is normally reserved for Council use only. It is printed on 300gsm matt     laminated card and measures 420mm x 297mm.
(16 1/2″ x 11 3/4″) A3.
Price is  £10.
Plus postage.  The postage cost will be advised on request.


Eye Dominance Poster   (for picture CLICK HERE)

Our Eye Dominance Poster has proved very popular and is ideal to use as a means of testing a client’s dominant eye.
It has our coloured logo at the top, is printed on heavy duty banner material and measures 84cms x 50cms.
Price is  £48.
Plus postage.  The postage cost will be advised on request.