About Us

The Institute of Clay Shooting Instructors


Founded in 1987, it provides a formal organisation for Shooting Instructors and Coaches.

The ‘Sole Purpose’ of the Institute is to further and support the position of Coaches and Instructors, as a non-profit making organisation.

The ‘Aim’ of the Institute is to provide ‘Continuous Professional Development’ for its Members at all levels, through a variety of methods.

These include:

  • News Shots: (a weekly newsletter emailed out every Monday evening).
  • Coach Development Courses: (A course based on structured methodology and observational skills).
  • The Game Loaders Course for Coaches: (Based on a transfer from Clay to Game Field)
  • Webinars/Seminars: (Held monthly via ‘Zoom’ covering a wide array of subjects).
  • Visits: (A chance to visit relevant establishments that open their doors to us).

This is not an exhaustive list and your Council is continually looking into progressive development opportunities, taking into account current Covid 19 restrictions.

In addition to developing Coaches and Instructors, the Institute contributes on a regular basis to the debate and lobbying of on-going issues within the Industry. This is primarily achieved as a member of the British Shooting Sports Council (BSSC) and we are represented directly by one of our Council Members, currently Dr Malcolm Plant.

For further information on joining the Institute, please contact the Registrar and Membership Secretary (John Cullinan) by clicking the button below.