Observational and Communication Seminar

Observational and Communication Seminar

Hosted by full time professional coaches: –

Jason Rowntree – John Cullinan – John Robinson

Observation and Communication Seminar 



After feedback and requests from several Institute members a new addition to the professional development program has been introduced – An Observation and Communication Seminar. Although the concept for the day may have been born out of discussions with particular instructors who are keen to break away and progress from the “bread and butter” of “have a goes” and cooperate events it is open to all, as our chairman has often pronounced “every day is a school day”.


The day has been carefully conceived to allow coaches and instructors of all abilities to progress from their own level of experience at their own pace.


The day will primarily look at honing the skill set required for a coach/instructor to efficiently and effectively observe, diagnose and then convey appropriate solutions. The aim is that by sharing our collective experiences we all gain a greater understanding into the coaching process, along with picking up practical tips and tricks enabling us to become more effective coaches.


It’s hoped that both video and practical range time will be utilised in order to demonstrate and explore the different aspects of the process.


In Summary the day is –

• Open to all abilities

• Run in a relaxed and collaborative environment

• A chance to network and exchange ideas with peers 

• An opportunity to benefit from attendees cumulative experience 


Topics covered are –

• Observation skills

• Diagnosis skills

• Effective Communication

• Use of Video as an aid

• Practical tips to improve shooters performance

The cost is £220:00 but discounted to £150:00 for members. Includes refreshments, a light lunch & clays, please bring your own cartridges.

Limited to a maximum of 8 participants.


To secure your place go to shop within the MEMBERS area. For further information email Jason at


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